Who is Ngoctu Phan of Simplicity Beauty Studio?

Tú is the name that customers call her. She is well known around the Stafford area for her care, passion, and love she put in her high-quality work, in order to enhance your beauty. Her signature work is recognized by her loving friends and customers!
– Certified Fibroblast Plasma Practitioner
– Hyaluron Pen Technician
– OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate
– Fellow Member of American Academy of Micropigmentation
– Certified Microblading practitioner
– AAM Board Certified Permanent Makeup Artist.

Got Fundamental PMU from a leading center in New Jersey for in-depth and unparalleled Permanent Makeup and Cosmetics training, she went further by traveling to meet some of the best masters and artists around the world for continuing her education, and to get in touch with new modern techniques that gave the most beautiful natural result, and less injury to the skins as much as possible. Rest assured you can count on her whether it be realistic Nano hair strokes, Microblading, Ombré pencil effect eyebrows, implantation of fine accurate Classic, or fancy Stardust eyeliner. Love a natural soft Aquarelle, or sexy Candy lips? Hate those wrinkles sagging skins and really want to claim your youthful skin back? She’s just one click away. Schedule your consulting now, don’t wait!

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